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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  March 12, 2012 6:30pm-7:30pm EDT

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is working even though mitt romney did some of it, the rest is up to our government now. believe me, we're not unhappy. thank you, goodbye. host: more of a comment, not a question, do you want to respond? guest: that response sort of sums up priority number one or what should be priority number one for the republicans coming out of this primary campaign. they have really got to turn around this idea that they are the anti-women's party. >> ahead of tomorrow's presidential primaries, we are going live now to birmingham to hear from newt gingrich and rick santorum. right now, alabama republican party chairman is speaking garrett kern >> we will begin
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tonight, as we do all of our events, with a prayer, a pledge, and the national anthem. if you will please rise, but we will be led in prayer by rev. john killian, a 12th grade home school student, and the national anthem. >> let's bell in prayer. we thank you that over two centuries ago he put it in the hearts of brave men and women to found this great country. we think that you preserve our land. i think that there is a stirring in hearts today to protect liberty, defend the principles of this great country. give wisdom to our leaders and give them wisdom and temperance. repress that ultimately there will be a stirring in our hearts to save this country and rick
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prater to be glorified. .n jesus' name we pray, amen [applause] >> please join me in the pledge. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. ♪ >> o ssa can you see by the
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dawn's early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the ramparts we gallantlyere so flatulen streaming and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof that through the night that our flag was still there oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave
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o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [applause] >> thank you so much, all of you. wasn't that beautiful? please be seated. i want to make some introductions before we get started tonight. we are privileged to have some of our elected officials here, and i cannot see any of you, but i know some of you are out there. congressman, if you are here,
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please stand up. secretary of state beth chapman is here. a couple of supreme court justices, lynn murdoch and tom parker, and i apologize if there are other statewide elected officials. i want to recognize the legislators. if you are currently serving in the alabama legislature, would you please rise? [applause] if you are currently elected two republican office, please stand. all let the republicans that have not been named. -- all elected republicans. [applause] i am going to ask all the presidential candidates running for delegate, please stand. these are folks trying to represent you at are convinced it -- at our convention in
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august. thank you so much. alabama is all over our state are excited about this opportunity to participate in the nominating process, which will produce for us the next president of the united states. [applause] all four republican presidential candidates were invited to participate tonight, and we are honored to speaker gingrich and senator santorum for accepting our invitation. [applause] as i said before, this is the first time we have ever done anything like this, so we are privileged to be able to host this presidential forum. i want to thank the local media, the national media. i know it has been an inconvenience for some of you to get here, but we really are a staple for you being here, thank you for the coverage you are giving this campaign.
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thank you for showing the good side of alabama. thank you so much. [applause] all eyes are going to be on alabama tomorrow. they will be looking at you. i am sure we have a diverse opinion here. that is what makes america so great. i want to encourage everyone of you to please go out tomorrow and vote for the candidates of your choice. that is what this process is all about. [applause] so if you want to replace barack obama in the white house and you want to take alabama, let's hear it. [cheers and applause]
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i think we have some enthusiasm here tonight. this is going to drive our turnout up tomorrow. i predict we will have a record turnout at the polls tomorrow. just to tell you a little bit about the format tonight, we do have the two presidential candidates here. they will come out and speak for 15 minutes. after that will have a series of questions by a team of payless that we have selected. they will be joining us over here -- a team of panelists. they will be joining us over here in just a few moments. representing approximately 10,000 independent businesses, on their behalf, she is representing elected officials. rose mary serves on various boards and commissions including the department of human resources, welfare and reform tax force and alumni board of directors.
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daniel moss is a 16-year-old sophomore at good old high school. he is an officer of teenager publicans and for the last three years, dana has hosted his own television show called the freedom report. -- daniel has hosted his own television show. our third panelist is michael smith, a banking software analyst who serves on the board of directors overseeing the new state run college savings plan. michael and his wife live in birmingham where he is the treasurer of greater birmingham young republicans. that is our lineup for tonight. now we are getting ready to hear from one of our presidential candidates. senator richard john santorum, better known as rick, is a native of virginia but grew up in west virginia and pennsylvania. his father was an immigrant who came to the united states at age
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7 from italy. santorum received his undergraduate degree from pennsylvania state university. he received a law degree with honors from the dickinson school of law. he and his wife have seven children. the loss and eighth child shortly after birth. senator santorum was elected to ive ins. house represente 1990. following his departure from the senate, he worked as a consultant, private practice lawyer and contributed. please help me welcome senator santorum. [applause] [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you.
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it is great to be here in alabama, thank you. thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate that wonderful southern hospitality and that great greeting. we have had a great view days here in the state of alabama. as i say in every speech again, this is the most important election of your lifetime, and i don't care how old you are. [applause] this is an election about big things. it is about the economy and the importance of this economy, getting jobs created again in america, where we have a president who has put forth an agenda that robs you of your freedom and new taxes and trust to regulate every aspect of your life, passing more regulations than any president in the first four years of his term. this is an economy that is
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struggling. down here on the gulf coast in alabama and mississippi and louisiana, how important it is that we have drilling in our gulf and we explore for energy in this country, and we have a president who is absolutely crushing it. he has a two-letter energy policy, in-joke. when it comes to drilling in deep water, he said no -- n-o. he has said no to alaska, federal lands, no. in my backyard, a come from western pennsylvania. we did not own any oil or gas wells, but my grandfather was a coal miner. we see there, even with private lands and gas being explored there, and oil coming out of the
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ground in eastern ohio, we have a government who is putting that at risk by brent and regulations over something called hydraulic fracturing, and we have been doing in this country since world war ii. now that it is driving down the price of natural gas, the president wants to think of regulating it. the only place he has said yes is helping the brazilians drill off their shores. when it came to the keystone pipeline, what did he say? no. we need a president that will say yes to energy development in this country, that will create tens of thousands of jobs, lower gas prices, lower natural gas prices. we need a president who understands what gets this economy going. we have put forth a plan that will get this economy going and other key areas, not just energy but manufacturing.
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i come from western pennsylvania. i grew up in public housing. the first 18 years of my life. i can tell you working in that town in pennsylvania, i know what about the people employed in gave them the opportunity to rise, and the tremendous knitting together of a community when everybody, no matter what your skill level, has an opportunity to get a job and provide for themselves and their family, have the pride of going to work every day, participating in civic and community organizations. that is how america works. a big part of that for small town america was manufacturing. the only person in this race who has put for the bold plan, not just for energy development, but for manufacturing, to create an opportunity for small town and rural america to get the resource based economy going, get the manufacturing based economy going. we see an aggregation of people
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into big cities because the economic opportunities just not there across america as they once were. we are going to change that. we will bring in jobs that were shipped overseas. we will cut the corporate rate for everybody in half, but for manufacturers, we would say bring those jobs back to america and employ people in small town america. [applause] we need someone who is serious about shrinking the size and scale of federal government, right? [applause] we want someone who has actually put forth a plan that will get us there. five trillion dollars in cuts over five years. a balanced budget in five years. i pledged to spend less than a year before every year until we get to a balanced budget. [applause]
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big glass tower in going to do it? you do it the way i did it when i was in the house and led the fight on the floor of the senate. in the entitlements and the federal level and get them back to the states where they belong, not at the federal level. [applause] we did it with welfare reform. i authored the bill that was in the house as a member of the ways and means committee. i managed the bill and went up against ted kennedy and daniel patrick moynihan and bill clinton. harry reid is nothing to deal with. [applause] we can get it passed. we just need to go out to the american public and tell them, we don't need 72 assessments that the federal level. let's get it back to the state and local level. let's do what works.
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the amazing thing is with welfare, when you cut the welfare rolls in half across the country, poverty rates went down and employment went up. that is exactly what we want. [applause] we have a track record on the big issues of the day and the social issues of the day on the domestic front. obamacare is the reason i am in this race. [applause] karen and i decided to enter this race. it was not a rational decision. we have seven children, ages 20- 3. not the best time in our lives to be out running for president, but we decided to do it because we could not look our children in the eyes and realize what kind of country we would be handing them if obamacare is
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implemented, and every single american, not 40%, but every single american will be dependent on the federal government for benefits, and not just any benefit, the benefit of your help and your life. once that happens, once every american now has to look to washington and pay tribute to those in power, you see what happens. it already see which of some of the regulations that have been put in place. the government telling you, we are going to give you rights. be careful. when the government says they give you rights, they can take that away. [applause] they can threaten to take it away, and they can tell you how to exercise that right, what do you want to put -- purchase
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insurance and want to sell your they make you buy, they tax you a certain amount, attack sure employers a certain amount, they pay doctors a certain amount -- they tax employers a certain amount. if you don't like some of the benefits, even if they are against your religious convictions, too bad. you will do what you are told with this new right that you have. you see, the problem is, government is not the source of rights in this country. [applause] ultimately, that is the most important issue in this race. where do our rights come from? who is that that should be in control of this country?
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i decided to run for president, along with my wife karen, because we believe that obamacare is the game changer for america. it is game changer on the very foundation level of one word, liberty. liberty is at stake in this election. economic development, yes. jobs, yes. energy, all of those issues, vitally important. but at the core of its, we have a president who believes in ruling you from the top down. that he knows best how to run your life. but that is not what made america great. it is in the eyes of president obama. nine months ago reacting to paul runs budget, he was waxing eloquent, reading from a teleprompter -- my teleprompter is way in the back, you just
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cannot see it. he said americans, look at all these entitlement programs that paul ryan would propose to cut back. he said america is a better country because of all the entitlements. he said, i will go one step further. america was not a great country until these entitlement programs. that is how the president sees america. he sees america as a country that is great when government takes money from some and gives it to those who know best how to spend it, and know what is fair and allocating it and giving it to other people. that is what the president believes makes america the greatest country in the history of the world. ladies and gentlemen, that is not the reason my grandfather came to this country back in 1925. there was no social security. there is no medicare, food stamps, no housing programs.
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there were not any government benefits except one, freedom, and it was enough. [cheers and applause] ronald reagan in his farewell address that a caution to everyone. the final word she said as president of the united states to the american people, the last two paragraphs of his speech, he talked about the concern he had for the future of our country, because institutions like schools, higher education, the media, the popular culture, were teaching a very different story about who we are. he was concerned that america would forget what made us great. the greatness of ronald reagan was not just his policy.
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the greatness of ronald reagan is he knew where we came from. he understood what made america the greatest country in the history of the world. i want to thank the tea party, because what they have done -- what they have been able to do over the past couple of years is resurrected document that many consider to be a dead letter in washington d.c., something called the constitution of the united states. [applause] a constitution is a great and important document. it is the house of america, the operator's manual, something we have not paid much attention to. we need to get back to our constitutional balance, but it is only half of the story. the constitution alone is insufficient. it is potentially dangerous, as we saw when countries like
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france adopted a similar constitution at the very same time. but their constitution, unlike ours, was not anchored to another document, a document that anchored and tethered it. that of course is the declaration of independence. [applause] people ask, what makes america exceptional? why are we different? you can go to the constitution, but that is not it. it is these words that you all probably were taught in grade school and memorized, but we don't really remember or even recognize as americans how transformational they were. we hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. [applause]
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when the boy read the constitution and say we get our rights from the constitution, that is wrong. the constitution does not give us rights. it recognizes rights that are written on our hard because we are creatures of god. that is where we get our rights from -- that are written on our hearts. we had a country that was based on a constitution that was constructed to protect those rights. we are going to believe in limited government and free people. never before in history of the world had that happened, that we would allow people to have radical freedom. our founders believed with god- given rights, with all rights come responsibilities. [applause]
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and if we exercise those rights consistent with his will, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- happiness at the time of the revolution was to do the morally right thing with god's will, because that is what leads to true happiness. that is what our founders believed. [applause] and so we had this great experiment of building of great society was limited government from the bottom up, and we changed the world. winston churchill said the debate is not about the future, it is about the past. we have a president of the united states who is trying to redefine america's past, giving speeches that capitalism doesn't work and individual liberty
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least agreed and unfairness and misallocation of resources. -- leads to breed and unfairness. -- greed and unfairness. written in all our hearts, people who came to this country and the ancestors who followed them is in fact an understanding of who we are, of what made us great bid for 2000 years prior to america, life expectancy in the world was 35. in 200 years, it has more than doubled, because we unloosed the spirit of the individual, the family, the church, of the civic and community organization and the small businessman. we build a great and just society and family, one church,
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one school, one business. we believed in it. in 2008, the american public was sold a bill of goods. there were lots of problems and so we had a candidate that went around and try to convince you that you needed to vote for someone you could believe in, someone who would solve the problems, pay your mortgage, as one person even suggested. but after four years of looking at what put your faith in government can do, we as republicans need to step forward and nominate someone different, someone who can tell the american public that no longer do you need to look to washington d.c. and its president you can believe in, but you need to look at a leader
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that believes in you. [applause] thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] >> thank you, senator santorum. please welcome all work panelists -- please welcome our panelists. please be seated. >> the first question will come from your teenager. he has his own television show. >> president's lincoln of a
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national day of fasting and prayer in 1863 actos the condition our country is in today. i agree with him in his words -- "we have grown in numbers, well, and power, but we have forgotten god. blessed are the nations whose god is the lord." we as americans believe in the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and they are given only by god. we live in a country who has seen more than 50 million abortions since roe v. wade. how will you lead our nation back to god? >> it is important -- there has been a lot of criticism of me in the press because i'm very public about my christian faith.
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one of my favorite sayings is preached the gospel, and if you have to, speak. part of what your response bleak is as a public figure is to go out and they in a way that is consistent with what you profess to believe in it. that is very important. one of the reasons i got so upset about the way the administration has dealt with the hhs, in which the obama administration tried to enforce a religious organization to higher a minister that did not believe in the faith they were being hired to surge. a remarkable thing, a discrimination to hire somebody according to that obama
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administration, not her somebody that as a minister if they did not believe in the tenets of the church. that is the kind of extreme we are going to. we have to have a president that goes out and articulate a vision that is not just as this president does, freedom of worship. they are starting to say that in the state department more and more. they say freedom of worship. to those of us who are people of faith, we know worship is a critical aspect of our religion, but it is not everything of our religion. what we do outside of our services is as important as what we did inside those worship services. what you will see, someone, as i did throughout the course of this campaign, i will talk about
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the importance of faith, the importance of people of faith being involved in public life, and speaking at from their religious convictions or from their non-religious convictions. that is what james madison refer to as the perfect remedy of the first amendment, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of speech. all people of faith, no faith, different faiths, can come into the public square, make their arguments. i wear a wristband that looks like a piece of barbed wire. it is for religious liberty, because that is the trunk upon which all other freedoms stand. if we do not protect that, and fight for that, in the public square, as well as the ability for those at the pulpit to speak the truth, then we are not a
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free country, because if you are not free to speak what you believe, then why speak? >> thank you, senator. chris merritt, would you be ask your question, please. >> many job creation decisions are made through a bidding process. in recent years labor unions have been able to sway the outcome of these decisions. critics have pointed out flaws that special interests have had defects on those decisions. how will you ensure that special interests will not be able to act interfere with those decisions? >> i feel blessed to be running the kind of campaign i am running, and i have always felt this way. when i first ran for congress i was a lot that against a 14-year democratic incumbent.
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i was outspent p3-1. yet, i was able to win. i did not get a single contribution from anybody in washington, d.c., and when i won reelection, they put me in a district where they thought i could never win again. i was given no chance of winning. ran against the incumbent for the senate. in all those races, almost every race, i had the blessing of not being be establishment candidate, not being someone everybody got behind and all the folks who saw me as someone who was going to wind and so wanted a piece of me, if you will. i was able to come to the congress as well as the senate and do what i thought was right. it is a great blessing. it was a liberating thing to go and not worry about what your
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leadership believed because they help to get elected or what this particular group or that particular group. one of the candidate is running as got contributions from 400 or 500 lobbyists. we have gotten 11. the beauty of our race is that we can go there with clean hands, not having relied upon anybody except thousands, hundreds of thousands of donors and volunteers across this country who have helped us. that is a blessing, to go there and not feel any kind of tie. what i have found in the years in office is that if you focus on doing the right thing, and you do not focus on building relationships with people outside government who may or may not be helpful to you, but just say focused on trying to do what is right, and that is what i have done.
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i have not held fund-raisers all over the country. we packed up, we decided to do this. we left all belongings at home, if you will, and we have lived off the land, and the people of this country have been absolutely marvelous in getting us just enough for what we need it. -- needed. what i hope to do, the interest i will be occupying are the people who helped us across this country, average citizens who have no lobbyists, no voice, except the voice of of wanting to be free again. >> thank you, senator. last question from the panel will be from michael smith. >> thank you for coming to alabama. as a marine veteran, national security of our country is at issue that is dear to me.
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the world we live in that our children will inherit appears to be falling into chaos. with iran becoming a nuclear power, plus the ongoing struggles to stabilize iraq and afghanistan, what would you do to make sure that tomorrow is more secure than today? >> i put forward a plan as to what we should be doing to overthrow the government in iran, to put sanctions on that government so we cannot have nuclear programs and they will not develop their program. this past week i was very clear. i said it is time, given the prime minister's speech, in washington last week come the israelis are at their wits' iran has enriched their rate --
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uranium enough for six or seven nuclear weapons, and they continue to enrich and bite the centrifuges. they have 40 different locations. they're protected by batteries of anti-aircraft batteries. we know what they are doing, and this president misrepresents what they do and who they are to the american people. that is one thing i will never do, never lie to the american public about what the threat that faces this country for my own political gain. i will tell you the truth and a whole truth. the whole truth is there is a group of radical islamists who run one of the most richest countries in the world, which is iran. unless we are able to stop that government from developing these
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weapons, those weapons will be used one way or the other, either use directly against targets which they have identified, is european one, and they will be used indirectly by getting those materials in the hands of organizations to be used all over the world, or they will be used in the sense they will be protected because they now have nuclear weapons and the ability to retaliate. they will be able to pervade terror of the non-nuclear type without fear of being defeated. eight years ago i put forth a bill that said we need to work with the persian people -- that is right, the persian people. the people in iran are not arabs. they are persians. they are a product great civilization. if you read your bible, it is not a civilization as hostile to jews, but they have been taken over by a bunch of thugs.
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what we need to do is try to encourage the persian people to take their country back from these radicals. i passed a bill that was fought by barack obama that would had funded and helped these groups to carry on their revolution. joe biden and barack obama fought that. eventually it was passed the end of the session in 2006, but neither george bush or barack obama gave money to those who wanted to overthrow the current government because they were afraid it might upset the iranian government. when the time came for a revolution, 2009, when they were saying, please help topps, overthrow these folks who have been holding americans captive
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is continuously since 1979, over to the people who have threatened israel with annihilation, overthrow the founders of hamas, assad in sy rai, and obama said he will join with the radical islamists and legitimize this election. in this race we have one person who served eight years on the armed services committee, has a track record on iran that got it right, on what to do to avoid a war in iran. over the last eight years, we have a president who has gotten it wrong on every call. i do not know what the most important issue will be this fall, but if it is national security, the best candidate by far to go up against barack obama and showed the american public's how apathetic his
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foreign policy and how dangerous is for policy is, not just for israel, the middle east, but for every american, is rick santorum, and that is why i would like your help. >> thank you, senator. i know you have a tight schedule. you are supposed to be in montgomery shortly, but i will take a privilege and ask your question. the founder of our republican party -- william f. buckley jr. -- made a statement many years ago and he said this -- when you go to the polls, a vote for the republican that is most conservative and can win the election. ns whyyou expect alabama an you can win? >> go back to the issues you know art at the heart of this election, the role of government in your lives, and business, and government
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usurping your freedom and your taxes, money. look at the key issues that motivated republicans and conservatives across this country. it was able to get swing voters to win the 2010 election. there were issues based around that, none bigger than " obamacare." wall street walks away with bonuses and americans sit in homes still under water. and barack obama's attempt in the past and future, rest assured, to take over the manufacturing sector of the economy would cap and trade. if you look at those key issues that were the motivators of the conservative movement, the clearest contrast is drawn between president obama and our vision of free people, limited government. there is one candidate that trust that clear conscience.
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we're not going to win because we are brought to outspend barack obama 10 to 1 in the fall. would be likucky to be one to one. you better have a person who has the best contrast, the best ideas, the best vision for our country to remind us who we are. if you look at all those issues on health care -- how many people are familiar with health care savings accounts? the governor of ohio and i came up with the idea of medical savings accounts. for 20 years i have been arguing for private sector health care, bottom up, individual control, not government mandates. the other people in this race
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are wrong on this issue. both have supported government mandates at the federal level, one for 20 years. the other told republican audiences through 20 the aides he did not do that, when he did. it is another thing to advocate for ed. the other thing is to not tell the truth about what you did. we need somebody willing to tell the truth to the american people. we have a clear contrast on the -- biggest issues of the day. 75 percent of voters oppose the individual mandate. why would we put up somebody who supported both? why would we put somebody up who supported the wall street bailout? why would we support somebody
7:17 pm
who supported cap and trade when the climate was right for everybody believing we needed to do something about dioxide emissions. i did not go along. i said this was bad science, political science, not climate science. you ought to elect the conservative because that is the one who will be most delectable. vote not with what the pundits say. did not vote with what the pundits say. trust your own heart and your own head. if you would have voted that way, we would have had george h. w. bush in 1980 and not ronald
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reagan. where would we have been? we need somebody who can stand up and unapologetically talk about what made this country great, encourage people to believe in themselves, believe in the greatness of the american people, and our institutions, not the government. there is one candidate who can do that, and i asked you for your support. thank you. >> thank you, senator. 80's and gentlemen, please welcome karen santorum, senator santorum boss' wife -- senator santorum's wife. >> thank you.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [unintelligible] it is exciting to see the enthusiasm tonight, and i'm
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confident this will go all the way to november, because there is one thing in common, and that is what -- and that is why we have to defeat barack obama as the president of the night. it has been great to hear from one candidate. we're about to hear from another. you have been anticipating having all the candidates here tonight, and we are fortunate we have two of them. i would like to tell you a little about our next speaker. newton leroy gingrich, better known as newt, is of german, english, scottish, and irish descent. that should reach everybody. he received a degree in history from emory university in 1965. he proceeded to turn and m.a. in
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1968. both from tulane. gingrich has two daughters. speaker gingrich represented the sixth congressional district for 20 years and was elected speaker of the house. he has remained active in debates and worked as a consultant, and now he is running for president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome speaker newt gingrich. way.'s on his
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>> i did not talk long enough. please be seated. you can rise again when he comes, and when the speaker is behind the curtain, he can come on through. i hope you enjoy the beautiful music on the organ tonight.
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>> thank you for that very warm welcome. as somebody who went to high school in columbus, georgia, next alabama, i kind of feel relatively at home here. this morning when i had crits i thought was a normal thing to do. -- grits i thought it was a normal thing to do. i was along the coast, and had grits and shrimp. we are thrilled by the warm reception we got. i want to take a few minutes of your time. i almost never used written stuff, and i do not own a teleprompter. i do a lot of stuff off the cuff. but the president's press
7:24 pm
secretary today basically attack me because i had been talking about the need for an american energy policy and the idea we should develop our capacity for oil to a point where no american president would ever again bal to a saudi king. -- bow to a saudi king. i have suggested that if we developed our energy capacity to the degree we could, that that would bring down the price of gasoline on the theory that supply and demand works. this is not something obama is used to.
7:25 pm
the president has made three speeches on energy, which i will come back to paris today, jay carney said, what he is willing to do is look the american people in the eye and claimed there is a strategy by which it can guarantee the price of gas will be $2.50 at the pump. any politician who does that is lying in, because that strategy does not exist. it is a simple fact that there is no such plan that can guarantee the price of oil or the price at the pump. that has been interpreted at the news media as being an attack on me. i want to take this moment to respond to the president and to his press secretary. first of all, mr. president, i would be happy to debate you anywhere in the country, any time on energy.
7:26 pm
i believe your energy speeches have been so patently incoherent that they are indefensible. i would be glad to meet you at an oil rig somewhere, at a gas station, even to a university campus where you would feel comfortable. and i would be happy in advance to agree you can use a teleprompter. by pure luck, there was a column over the weekend entitled "newt is right," and it outlined the case pretty well. this morning, there was another piece that was so astounding. this is what stephen moore wrote. in 1995, the u.s. geological survey estimated 150 million
7:27 pm
technically recoverable barrels of oil in north dakota. in 2008 that number was up to 4 billion barrels. in 2010, geologists put it at 8 billion barrels. this week, given the discovery of a lower shore oil, they announced 24 billion barrels of oil in north dakota. current technology allows for the extraction of only about 6% of the oil trapped up to 2 miles beneath the surface, so as the technology advances, oil could exceed 500 billion barrels. this is north dakota. there are bigger place is under development now in south texas and in west texas. i will give you examples, the
7:28 pm
monterey formation in california may contained 80 billion barrels. at least part with something that washington does not want to deal with. at least -- the idea peak energy is a stupid idea. it does not exist. it is a technologically limited model. it has been the basis of american energy policy for 40 years, and it is wrong. the president will never learned this. one reason is ideological. he appointed as the secretary of anti-energy dr. chu, and he had said before he was appointed -- he is an academic physicist -- his commitment was that the united states should pay the same price of gasoline as europeans. that is $9 or $10 a gallon. dr. chu was asked what the right price -- was he willing to
7:29 pm
lower the price of gasoline? he said no. he explained about some breakthrough in battery research which i suspect in 15 to 20 years' time will be useful. most of us to not have 20 years to fill up our cars. i believe -- i believe the lesson of where we are is that we should abolish the department of energy as a grotesque failure. i want to start with the promise no more solyndras, no more boondoggles. now let's talk about and if you treat the president said there are no silver bullets. he is right, but there is a he is right, but there is a presidential


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